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I’m Jeff Carpenter a self-proclaimed “sound ninja” with a specialty in creative sound design for visual mediums. I love sound because it has the ability to invisibly shape a narrative and influence the viewer often times without their conscious awareness.  I’m a constant learner, avid reader, organizational geek, musician, game-nerd, and audio super-fan.

I've had the great fortune of working with some of the top names in storytelling, including most recently a two year full-time contract with Netflix Animation.

Prior to Netflix I worked 15 years for a media production producing in house docs and feature films. There I led an audio team handling all aspects of the audio process from production to post:  field recording, sound design, foley, dialogue, and final mixing.

Skills: Sound Design, Sound Mixing, WWise, FMOD, Dialogue Design, Foley, Field Recording, Music Mixing, Surround Sound, Broadcast Loudness Standards, Pro Tools .

My Favorite Games:

  • Diablo

  • World of Warcraft

  • Halo

  • Rock Band

  • Super Smash Brothers

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Black and White Cactus

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